Join us on Sunday mornings at 10 am for worship in the sanctuary. If you are on our email list, you will receive worship details ahead of time. If not, you can find those details on our homepage with a link to registration for worship (through Eventbrite). 

Woodfords Church has an Intergenerational Worship Service approximately once a month. Join us for this family-friendly service. The service includes youth participation, messages from our favorite Sunday School teachers and a sermon.


Starting in October 2020, intergenerational worship became a collaborative effort among Woodfords Congregational Church, Williston-Immanuel United Church and State Street Congregational Church. If you would like to participate, don’t hesitate to reach out to Emory Burke at eburke@williston-immanuel.org. She loves including your creative ideas, pictures and voices.

Please click here to see some of our more recent intergenerational services:

October Intergenerational Service

August Intergenerational Service

July Intergenerational Service

Other intergenerational services, regular worship services, sermons, and musical pieces are available on our YouTube channel.