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We believe that spiritual formation is a life-long journey and our role is to support our members in their spiritual development in a variety of ways.


Bible Discussion Group
Podcast/Book Conversation Group
Women's Retreat
Spiritual Direction Small Groups
Lent & Advent Devotionals

YOUTH - Christian Education & Faith Formation

We believe that for children and young people, there is great value in belonging to a supportive and nurturing community of faith. We utilize stories from our faith tradition, our shared lives, and the natural world as tools for exploration and meaning-making. Some lessons are discussion based, others engage young minds through art, acting, service or good, old-fashioned PLAY. Regardless of the medium the intention is the same: to convey the message that God is with us, lives through us, loves us, and can be a guide for us as we journey through life. One of the most important things we do as a church is to guide and support the young members of our congregation.

Sunday School

Sunday School is offered at special times throughout the year. Please refer to the homepage or the calendar for specific dates.

"Youth Services Corps" Ecumenical Youth Group

A joint effort among Woodfords Church, HopeGateWay, Williston-Emmanuel, Trinity Episcopal, St. Luke's Episcopal Church, and State Street Church to provide fellowship and service gatherings for grades 6-12. 

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