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Music is well said to be the speech of angels.

-Thomas Carlyle

Music lifts us up to embrace our connection to God and each other.  

Special musical guests and events abound at Woodfords, including: Portland String Quartet Sunday, Easter Brass and Tympani, Portland Trumpet Ensemble, Christmas Orchestra, guest youth bands, and more.

The Music Department is under the direction of Paul Schnell. Paul directs the choirs, is the organist and coordinates all guest musicians. We enthusiastically welcome all those who would like to join us as we celebrate God through music.


The Chancel Choir sings each week at the 10 am Sunday worship service and for special services and events throughout the year. We do a variety of styles of music from Gospel to Classical to Contemporary. Open to all those from seventh grade through adults who find joy by expressing themselves through song. 


The Woodfords Ringers Handbell Choir plays monthly at the Sunday worship service. Here is where rhythm really counts. You may only play two or three notes. But the question is “when;” it is a lot of fun being part of the Ringers team! 



Our Woodfords Family Orchestra is now in their third year playing Advent and Christmas music. The orchestra consists of instrumentalists from Woodfords and the wider community of  our friends. Ages range from middle school to middle age and beyond. All are welcome.


Portland String Quartet playing
at a recent Sunday service

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