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Christian Education & Faith Formation

We believe that for children and young people, there is great value in belonging to a supportive and nurturing community of faith. We utilize stories from our faith tradition, our shared lives, and the natural world as tools for exploration and meaning-making. Some lessons are discussion based, others engage young minds through art, acting, service or good, old-fashioned PLAY. Regardless of the medium the intention is the same: to convey the message that God is with us, lives through us, loves us, and can be a guide for us as we

journey through life. One of the most important things we do as a church is to guide and support the young members of our congregation.

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Upcoming Opportunity:

“Confirmation: Living the Questions”


Retreat for Youths in Grades 8-12
Pilgrim Lodge

May 5 & 6, 2023

Do you know of any youths who are interested in exploring their deepest convictions, their beliefs, and the Christian spiritual tradition in community with others? This year, Pilgrim Lodge is going to host “Confirmation, Living the Questions” – a retreat for youths currently in 8th-12th grade. The retreat will begin with supper on Friday evening, May 5 and end with supper Saturday, May 6.  Youth do not need to be affiliated with Woodfords Church to attend.


This overnight retreat is designed for young people to engage basic questions about important aspects of personal spirituality and church life: What’s the authority of the Bible? What is unique about Christianity? What is an intentional spiritual life and what is faith? What does church membership involve, and do I want to become a member of the church? (For more information about the retreat content, CLICK HERE.)


If you know of any young people who are interested in considering these sorts of questions, please be in touch with Rev. Alyssa. She is working with some other area clergy to set up a cross-church Confirmation initiative that will involve individual faith exploration, mentoring, and Confirmation retreat participation. The goal is to help youths connect with their home churches, as well as with a larger network of young people across the state who are investigating questions of spirituality and religious identity. (Important note: Programming will not involve pressuring youths to identify in certain ways, or to make specific decisions about church membership. Rather, activities are being designed to foster discernment and discovery, with no particular outcome pre-ordained.)

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Woodfords Church Sunday School

Our mission at Woodfords Congregational Church is for our children to know and learn about God’s love for them. Through the Bible, games, crafts, and different outreach projects, they learn the importance of sharing God’s love and being a member of a larger community.

Families are welcome to drop in with their children whether they are long-time members or it's their first visit to Woodfords Church.

Sunday School is offered at special times throughout the year. Please refer to the homepage or the calendar for specific dates.

For more information about Woodfords Sunday School, contact

"Youth Services Corps"

Ecumenical Youth Group


"Youth Services Corps" (formerly "Youth Together") is a joint effort among Woodfords Church, HopeGateWay, Williston-Emmanuel, Trinity Episcopal, St. Luke's Episcopal Church, and State Street Church to provide fellowship and service gatherings for grades 6-12. Our youth spends their time in formation, fellowship, and service to both the local and global community. Youth meet regularly with adult leaders to contribute to planning their own activities, making this a Youth Group that is deeply influenced by those participating.

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