Christian Education & Faith Formation

We believe that for children and young people, there is great value in belonging to a supportive and nurturing community of faith. We utilize stories from our faith tradition, our shared lives, and the natural world as tools for exploration and meaning-making. Some lessons are discussion based, others engage young minds through art, acting, service or good, old-fashioned PLAY. Regardless of the medium the intention is the same: to convey the message that God is with us, lives through us, loves us, and can be a guide for us as we

journey through life. One of the most important things we do as a church is to guide and support the young members of our congregation

Portland UCC Christian Ed Collaborative - Worship & Activities

Woodfords Church has joined with State Street Congregational Church, and Williston-Immanuel United Church to offer services and activities for children and families. The schedule includes services and activities that promise engaging and meaningful faith formation for people of all ages. 


To watch past Intergenerational services please visit:


For more information about the Portland UCC Christian Ed Collaborative, contact Rev. Alyssa Lodewick at alodewick@woodfordschurch.org.

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Woodfords Church Sunday School

Our mission at Woodfords Congregational Church is for our children to know and learn about God’s love for them. Through the Bible, games, crafts, and different outreach projects, they learn the importance of sharing God’s love and being a member of a larger community.

Sunday School meets monthly on the 4th Sunday. Children start worship in the sanctuary and then leave for class with their teachers after “Time with children.” 

Families are welcome to drop in with their children whether they are long-time members or it's their first visit to Woodfords Church.

For more information about Woodfords Sunday School, contact info@woodfordschurch.org.

"Youth Together"

Ecumenical Youth Group


"Youth Together" is a joint effort among Woodfords Church, HopeGateWay, Williston-Emmanuel, Trinity Episcopal, St. Luke's Episcopal Church, and State Street Church to provide fellowship and service gatherings for grades 6-12. Our youth spends their time in formation, fellowship, and service to both the local and global community. Youth meet regularly with adult leaders to contribute to planning their own activities, making this a Youth Group that is deeply influenced by those participating.


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Woodfords youth and their mentors join with HopeGateWay youth and mentors to prepare for confirmation. After months of group and pair meetings, discussions, experiential activities and an overnight trip. youth gain an understanding of the import of this sacred step in their spiritual journey.