Director of Woodfords Senior Program

This is a part-time, 18-hour per week non-exempt position

Reports to:  Senior Pastor


Position Summary: The Director of Woodfords Senior Program oversees the needs of the senior members of Woodfords Congregational Church who are 65 and older, which includes creating programs and coordinating services designed to enhance the overall social and spiritual health and well-being of seniors. 


Primary Responsibilities:

• Serve as the lead staff person and Director of the Woodfords Senior Program. Plan and lead meetings of the Woodfords Senior Program Committee in coordination with the committee chair. 

• Plan and implement year-round programs designed to meet the spiritual, social and intellectual needs of the Woodfords elder community (in coordination with the pastor and the Woodfords Senior Program Committee) including activities such as team meetings, luncheons, in person and online learning opportunities, field trips, small-group spiritual explorations, etc.

•  Provide regular communication of upcoming activities to seniors within the church and/or community.

• Conduct regular assessment of any programming developed, and make adjustments as appropriate. 

• Establish and maintain a trust relationship with the elder members through regular contact. Maintaining confidentiality is paramount.

• Respond to requests made by application to the Woodfords Senior Program for items such as medical equipment, elder services, transportation, etc.

• Coordinate resources for transportation and elder home care services as well as directing the activities of those providing those services, including coordination with lay ministry program to provide home visits or some other form of outreach as needed.

• Provide updated information about the availability of programs and services both in the church and in the community such as housing, meals, medical alert systems and information on social events and other opportunities for older adults and their families.


Staff Membership:

•The director is a member of the church staff and will regularly attend weekly staff meetings. 

• Attendance at other church meetings, beyond Woodfords Senior Program Committee, may be needed if the agenda at such meetings relates specifically to the ongoing work of the director.


Skills/Experience/Training Required:

•Bachelor’s degree and relevant experience working with elders and individuals over the age of 65, which could include an internship in a related field

•Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with staff, WSP committee and members and others

•Knowledge of UCC faith and comfort with helping elders explore their spirituality

• Knowledge of public, not-for-profit social service and/or church services delivery or related field

• Knowledge of resources (social and educational) within Southern Maine and specifically the Portland area

•Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to maintain confidentiality

•Ability to establish priorities and organize and follow through on work with minimal supervision

•Ability to develop short-term and long-range plans

•Ability to cultivate a supportive, respectful, enjoyable and enriching environment for elders

•Strong oral and written communication skills

•Experience taking high-quality photos and videos is desirable 

•Understanding of and comfort with technology and electronic communication, including Microsoft Office (Word, Power Point, Excel), Constant Contact and Zoom.

•Knowledge of budget preparation and finance

•Strong records management and maintenance skills



Compensation is competitive and will be based on qualifications and experience. 


Interested applicants should send their resume with cover letter to creatingcommunity@woodfordschurch.org.

Portland-Area UCC Christian Spiritual Formation Collaborative

Job Title: Christian Education and Spiritual Formation (CE/SF) Facilitator

Important Note:

As you read the following job description, please keep in mind that the Portland-Area UCC Collaborative for faith formation and spiritual formation initiative is brand new and under development. There will be a lot of room for the new CE/SF facilitator to help shape the CE/SF position and programming. The person hired will have a chance to work with the participating churches’ leadership teams to make this position their own.


As you’ll see, this job position contains a section called “Responsibilities.” We hope you’ll view the activities listed as a starting point for discussion, rather than a set-in-stone final job description. If you’ve got an interest in CE and Spiritual Formation, but your vision of nurturing human souls and spirits doesn’t mesh word-for-word with what’s written in the “Responsibilities” section, know that there is flexibility in this job description. Ultimately, we seek an innovative individual with thoughts about how to offer faith formation and spiritual development programming in non-traditional ways for a new generation of families and young people. If you have creative ideas, we have flexibility, and we would love to talk to you!


Application Instructions
Applications will be considered until the position is filled. To apply, please send the following items to scottdeblock@gmail.com:
1. A cover letter outlining your interest in – and qualifications for – the position
2. Your resume
3. Three references. Include each referrer’s name, phone number, and email address, along with a brief description of how the referrer knows you.


Position Description

JOB TITLE: Christian Education and Spiritual Formation (CE/SF) Facilitator


EMPLOYMENT STATUS: This position can be constructed as an FLSA Non-Exempt (hourly) position or as a field placement internship, depending upon the needs of the individual hired.


ACCOUNTABLE TO: Accountability details and supervisory plans will depend upon how the position is constructed – see above – and be negotiated during the hiring process.


HOURS PER WEEK: Approximately 12-16 hours a week; negotiable based upon churches’ and finalist’s needs.


CONTEXT: State Street Congregational Church, Woodfords Congregational Church, and Williston-Immanuel United Church are three congregations in Portland, Maine that are associated with the United Church of Christ (UCC). These churches are collaboratively seeking a Christian Education Facilitator who will coordinate, develop, and facilitate jointly sponsored Christian Education and Spiritual Formation programs and initiatives for members of all three faith communities.

During this COVID-19 era, we are assuming that a majority of Christian Education and Spiritual Direction activities likely will be digital offerings, which will be supplemented by occasional in-person gatherings when possible and appropriate.



Children and Youth Christian Education and Family Engagement:
• Monthly 3-church worship service for families
 Assist Pastoral, Musical, and Technical support staff in the creation and production of a once monthly online intergenerational worship that focuses upon a specific theme. Work with churches’ families in participation in these services.
 Create a follow- up discussion guide containing two different sets of age-based discussion questions based upon the intergenerational service’s theme. (The goal is to keep families engaged with the theme even after they have watched or participated in worship.)
• Monthly Experiential Learning Activities
 Along with volunteers, facilitate digital and/or in-person opportunities for families and youth to interact around monthly theme.
 Create resources for families to engage in post-worship experiential learning, building upon theme from worship. (For instance, if the month’s theme is Creation Spirituality, children and families might be asked to take a walk and snap pictures of beautiful things they see in God’s creation.)
 Connect activity to local community and, occasionally, to local service or outreach initiatives.
 Modify activity to suit younger-elementary and upper-elementary learners.
• Three-Church Service Project
 Develop and coordinate service projects throughout the year for church families that will highlight and support both local and global missional activity.


Middle School Youth Group and Confirmation Engagement
• Help design, develop, and deliver a spiritual formation and Confirmation program for youths in 7th and 8th grade.
• Coordinate and facilitate program planning meetings with churches, participating ministers, advisory/volunteer committees.
• Network with leader(s) of Portland’s ecumenical youth group to ensure continuity of care and program coordination.
• Coordinate and supervise with Christian Education/Spiritual Formation teachers/volunteers from the three churches.
• Build coalitions with other churches/denominations and religious bodies around education and programming.


The Christian Education/Spiritual Formation Facilitator will:
• Be willing to grant permission for a criminal background check.
• Be familiar with, and abide by, Safe Church policies and training (and/or be willing to undergo training about risk management and child-safety practices and protocols).
• Possess experience working with children and youths.
• Affirm the dignity and worth of all individuals, including members of the LGBTQIA community.


Compensation is competitive and will be based upon qualifications and experience


Woodfords Congregational Church is a Just-Peace and Open-And-Affirming Congregation

in the United Church of Christ. 




202 Woodford St

Portland, ME 04103

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