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Youth Group

Youth Group is a joint effort among Woodfords Church, HopeGateWay, Trinity Episcopal, State Street Church, and Williston-Emmanuel United to provide fellowship and service gatherings for grades 7-12. Our youth gather twice a month, typically on the first and third Sundays, and spend their time in formation, fellowship, and service to both the local and global community. Youth meet monthly with adult leaders to contribute to planning their own activities, making this a Youth Group that is deeply influenced by those participating.


Woodfords youth and their mentors join with HopeGateWay youth and mentors to prepare for confirmation. After months of group and pair meetings, discussion, experiential activities and an overnight trip, youth gain an understanding of the import of this sacred step in their spiritual journey. 

Interfaith Thanksgiving Eve Service

Woodfords gathers with local churches every year on Thanksgiving Eve to celebrate a service of thanks.

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