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Woodfords Church has two accessible entrances to the building. The primary accessible entrance is the elevator. Access to the elevator is through the back side of the parking lot. There are handicap parking spaces in the back parking lot.

Another accessible entrance is the Beacon St. entrance. Both entrances are locked most of the time, but can be opened for visits. They are also unlocked for Sunday service and for events held in the Sanctuary. There are handicap parking spaces on Beacon St just outside the door.


Woodfords Church has a handicap restroom just outside the Sanctuary on the 1st Floor. There are handicap stalls in the men's and women's restrooms on the basement level. There is a handicap restroom on the 2nd floor just down from the elevator.


The elevator provides access to all four floors of the building.


Once inside the building, handicap access is available to the whole floor. 

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